2 in 1 Travel Bag
2 in 1 Travel Bag2 in 1 Travel Bag

2 in 1 Travel Bag


The 2 in 1 travel bag contains a hard gun case for 2 disassembled guns and softer bag. Both are detachable with a zipper and webbing on the sides. The gun case is lined with thick foam protecting the guns and has wheels.  Both parts have an integrated 3-dial combination lock. The softer bag has an internal organization; pockets are provided to put papers, pen, torch etc. away. Furthermore, the bag can be compartmentalized thanks to the velcro and the detachable walls that are provided.

• Colour: Forest Green
• Size : one size – 75L


Product Description

• Composed of a hard gun case and a softer upper bag, detachable with a zipper and straps
• Foam lined firearm case in bottom part
• Integrated hook and loop to fix additional pouches and to compartmentalize
• 3-dial combination lock on each bag
• Internal organizer to put keys, name tag, a pen, cell phone, torch, a horn
• Webbing to compress the bag if necessary
• Integrated wheels
• Waterproof
• Tear and abraision resitant


Travel Bag – John Field from John Field on Vimeo.


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